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Ski Hire in La Plagne - Discount Ski Hire in La Plagne

Ski Hire in La Plagne

Ski hire shops can be found in all villages of La Plagne. Discounts are available on pre-booked ski hire but just make sure you select the right village! Ski hire can easily be arranged when you arrive in La Plagne but it will cost more.

The best discounts for pre-booked ski hire are with SkiSet where you can pre-book ski hire in La Plagne NOW. Up to 45% discount off the walk-in rates that you would be offered in resort.

The links below will take you direct to the SkiSet shops for each village in La Plagne:

Ski Hire in high altitude La Plagne villages (1800-2100m):

Plagne Centre
Plagne 1800
Aime 2000
Belle Plagne
Plagne Villages
Plagne Soleil

Ski Hire in lower altitude La Plagne villages (1250-1400m):

Montalbert (1350m)
Montchavin (1250m)
Les Coches (1400m)
Champagny (1250m)

Ski Hire in Europe, other resorts: SkiSet

Ski Hire - Pitfalls to beware of

There are some deals on the web that might seem incredibly cheap. The emphasis would be on incredible. With ski hire we simply think that you get what you pay for.

The comments below are rough translations of some of the things we have been told over the years. Some of the things to watch out for with less reputable shops and tour operators:

  • Some tour operator packages have been arranged with shops at the cheapest possible price. If the shop wants to provide equipment within some of these prices they receive they will need to cut corners.
  • A shop or website might only have a few pairs of the latest model: you might not get the new model you thought you had paid for.
  • If you pay a very low price, do not expect the equipment or the quality or the service that you might otherwise get (eg shop closed for French lunch: if there is a problem it might be difficult to sort out).
  • Some hire shops say they have “brand new skis”: this does not mean all the equipment is new.
  • Some hire shops say “high quality skis”: this does not mean ANY of them are new, they’re often 4-5 years old.
  • A few websites offer skis that have not even been manufactured in the last few years.
  • If you get very cheap ski hire beware the hidden conditions: the whole thing might end up costing more than you expect.
  • Beware prices quoted in one currency but then charged in another: it is easy to add small print such as “Published price is based on an old exchange rate”.
  • In a shop always check the price before you leave and start using the equipment – you do not want a nasty shock at the end of your ski holiday.
After many years in La Plagne ourselves both working and on holiday we are happy to recommend the SkiSet shops. All round they seem to offer the best value for money.

We welcome your comments and recommendations on equipment hire – please join in the La Plagne Forum and post your comments and questions.


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